During the time, Omnia Imballaggi has developed different types of packaging, each one diversified in use, shapes and materials.

Our products:

  • Perimeter formats in chipboard or plastic;
  • Perimeter formats in chipboard laminated with wood panel (phaesite or MDF);
  • Polyethylene printed covers, banners and bands;
  • Envelopes and bags in plastic;
  • Flexible film, micro and macro perforated, in rolls for flow pack machines;
  • Punnets, fruit trays, trays covers, in PP and PET;
  • Stretchable films for vegetables;
  • Printed plastic bands, extruded and woven net;
  • "Pergamin" paper and smooth tissue paper to wrap, protect and introduce your products;
  • Labels, ribbons, banners, posters;
  • Cardboard or plastic edge protectors, straps, woven net and all you need for palletizing;
  • Sulphite paper, to preserve packed table grapes for a long time;
  • Wax, detergents and post harvest products in particular for citrus.